Does the Position of the Hovercraft Affect Its Balance?

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Literature Review

We all know how a hovercraft looks like. It’s a giant boat that floats on air. It is powered by a fan underneath and and another fan pushing it above. However, does the position of the fan in a hovercraft affect its balance and speed?

Described by discover hover, “A hovercraft is one of the children of the air cushion vehicle (ACV) family that flies above the earth's surface on a cushion of air. It is powered by an engine that provides both the lift cushion and the thrust for forward or reverse movement. The hovercraft child is a true multi-terrain, year-round vehicle that can easily make the transition from land to water because it slides on a cushion of air with the hovercraft skirt and only slightly brushes the surface. In its simplest form, a hovercraft is composed of a hull that can float in water and is carried on a cushion of air retained by a flexible 'skirt'. The air cushion (or bubble), trapped between the hull and the surface of the earth by the skirt, acts as a lubricant and provides the ability to fly or slide over a variety of surfaces. Hovercraft are boat-like vehicles, but they are much more than just a boat, because they can travel over not only water, but grass, ice, mud, sand, snow and swamp as well.”

Being able to travel over multiple terrains is no easy feat, and is only established through good balance and speed. A hovercraft’s fan is positioned so that it supports the inflated hull enough so that it skims over the water, and...

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