Does the Class System Still Exist?

Topics: Social class, Social exclusion, English-language films Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Does The class system still exist?

There was a time when we have upper classes,middle class and working class, these classes were created and then in effect created the insecurities and pressure of the people of today. Depending on how much money our families had that determined our livelihoods, our prospects,our social circle and our families future generations. So if you we're rich and prestigious you had a good chance in life, life offered you steak and fancy chocolates. However if you we're poverty stricken or your family were of working class or unemployed that automatically enabled you to a life a trouble and strife and lack of prestige. Yes we all have choices as I near some of you saying out loud and yes we all are responsible for determining a good stable life for ourselves but there are some people that live slimy of their families past status or achievement which is a good thing but would they feel the same if their families poverty brought them years of struggle. Some people hit lucky and getvagood education and do well regardless while others never get that chance.The rich stereotype the poor and the poor judge the see if you have never had them chances as a child you were never shown the importance of education or love or respect how then are you meant to succeed are you supposed to know that this is the way if it has never been shown to you what then do we expect from society?
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