Does Technology Simplifies Modern Life

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brandhouse MARKETING CODE 18
(For summary reference only – not to be relied upon as a substitute for the full Code.)
1. Laws, codes and policies
Our marketing must:
• comply with all applicable laws, regulations and industry codes
• comply with all other relevant brandhouse codes and policies 2. Abstinence
Our marketing must:
• always show respect for those who choose to abstain from alcohol
3. Adult appeal
Our marketing must:
• be aimed only at adults and never target those under the legal purchase age for alcohol
• be designed and placed for an adult audience, and never be designed or constructed or placed in a way that appeals primarily to individuals below the legal purchase age for alcohol
4. Responsible drinking
Our marketing must:
• depict and encourage only moderate and responsible drinking
• incorporate responsible drinking reminders and/or initiatives • never depict, condone or encourage excessive or irresponsible drinking or refer in any favourable manner to the effects of intoxication
5. Alcohol content
Our marketing must:
• via packaging, websites, and other appropriate channels, provide clear, factual and neutral information about the alcohol content of our brands and drinks recipes, where permitted by law
• never present high alcohol strength or potency as the dominant theme or principal basis of appeal of any marketing or product innovation
• not imply that lower-strength alcohol beverages may be consumed in ways or situations that may be inappropriate with higher strength beverages
6. Health, therapeutic, performance or functional benefits
Our marketing must:
• not imply that our brands offer any health, therapeutic, dietary, functional or performance benefits
• not imply any energy or endurance benefits, nor that alcohol is the catalyst for any change in mood or state
• not portray or target pregnant women
7. Social and sexual success
Our marketing must:
• not portray or imply that drinking is

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