Does Success come with cooperation or with competition?

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Expecting a good result when we do something is a very positive attitude. Whether it is a sport, a project, a test, or a game we are playing we all want a good result. We usually do our jobs in two different ways. We either do it with cooperation (in which everyone works together to achieve a goal) or by competition (in which one person and another person are trying to compete against each other to achieve a goal). Are you wondering which way indicates a better chance of success? Well, let me share with you what I think.

According to my personal opinion, cooperation is much better. I think this because when we cooperate, we all are working together and one person does not have a huge burden. With all the different people with different ideas we are more creative and have many alternatives in case one idea did not work. Since each member of the group has different talents, we each learn something new from each other. Cooperating also is better for you health since everyone shares the work, there is less mental stress.

Now, on the other hand, when we are competing, we have the stress of becoming the best and others compete against you to so it could lead up to a big fight and could cause injuries.

The need to cooperate in a task is essential to an organization and the members of the organizations success. If each team member pledges to cooperate well, the team can complete a task accurately and completely.
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