Does Smile Keeps Tear Away ?

Topics: 2005 singles, Writing, Short story Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: May 7, 2013
The more I hate everyone the I love them now, the more I was sad the more I am happy now, the more I had failed the more I am passing now , the more people hated me the more they love me now and the more everyone made me cry the more they make me smile now. Life was so boring, so sad, so lonely, so much failure and lot of tear losses. My life was so dark, where my life had all difficulties mentioned above. Every day I prayed for my future to be bright. The every morning I wake up, my mum has something to scold, my dad has kept a lots of work for me to do, my brother has class work and expect every single answer from me, whereas myself I have a lot of school home work to do but I have no time to complete because of my house work and that is why I always fail in exams before, but my parents want me to pass and also do house work which is impossible for me to do. So as to get rid of house work I go to school but in school my classmates always tries to put me in trouble and my teachers always yell at me for not doing the homework and the cleaner tells that I throw waste all the time in the floor and so the masters keeps telling me to concentrate but tell me how will I concentrate with all these problems? I have no one to share my difficulties I was lonely where the stray dogs even have friends and not as lonely as me. Do you think I have smiled even once for my life time? ……………. Once, my English teacher gave me to write a short story on the topic entitled ‘The smile’ and told that she would add the marks for the final term exams I told that to my parents ,they told me to get it from the internet . When I browsed a site the essay was fully written about smile I went reading I got a really got a good lesson the main saying that changed me was like the saying ‘an apple a day keeps doctor away’ the saying was ‘a smile a day keeps tear away ‘when I thought I realised that I have cried more than smiling. So I thought of smiling all the time. Then somehow I...
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