does religion cause wars?

Topics: Violence, War, Belief Pages: 2 (851 words) Published: June 6, 2015
Does religion cause wars?
Modern ages nowadays tend to satisfy the human needs. From the most vital to the less ones, technology advances beyond than we can imagine. Spiritually, however is not the same. Wars and violence still occurs, regardless of time and place. Bob Dogman once says: “Religion is just an easily corruptible system that can influence many people who subscribe to it”, (Does Religion Cause Wars, paragraph 4) People are obviously fond of manipulating religion for their own business of interest, without having the same interest in mastering the belief. That is the reason wars occur. Big minds in hiding the truth make the whole world blind and deaf, until the experts dig in. In facts, religion does not cause wars as it is devotees’ misconception, lust and needs satisfaction, and restoration of the rights which bring over the war. First reason on the denial religion as the main cause of war is the devotees’ misconception. It actually suggests bigger possibilities for those who were born in the family that firm to the same faith. The religion is passed down to the next generation, make the fellows having less effort in trying to worship the faith. As an impact, they cannot figure out the true belief that has been carried through, lead to misunderstanding the basic concept of the religion itself. To make it even worse, these untrue devotees will strive and act the wrong way, make them tagged as extremist. War may be occurred unconditionally, as the results of these extremist groupings. For example, Islam instructs to negotiate first in order to spread the beliefs and conquer a territory. But, some has misunderstood the statement, and command wars to those who are not believes. They are referred as Islamic State (IS), in the present time Next is to satisfy the lust and need. Philip and Axelrods, in Encyclopedia of Wars proclaims that 1,763 wars that have been waged over the course of human history. Of these wars only 123 have been categorized...
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