Does Punishment Deter Crime?

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 4 (1592 words) Published: June 18, 2008
Before we can come up to conclusions on the affectivity of punishments to deter crime, we need to look into the nature of crime. To do this, we must understand deviance. Is deviance in society a one-off or is it a natural occurrence. Is it psychological or sociological? What drives people to commit acts of crime? Are people born with the gene of deviance that can be triggered any time? Criminology is a branch of the social sciences that takes on the study of crime. Since it is a social sciences, crime is studied as a social phenomenon looking primarily at it's causes, consequences, incidences, forms, as well as the structures within society that are in place to prevent, deter and regulate as well as react to crime. Deviance is mostly studied as an individual occurrence that has come into effect by social, genetic and psychological factors, stresses that lead individuals to commit acts heinous to the eyes of society, of a particular civilization. Trait Theories look into these said factors to try and find out and give explanation to individual deviance. Today, the advent of psychological sciences has put mental health under a microscope. Many scientists consider deviance as a mental abnormality when an individual loses grip on reality and descends to madness. In a world that recognizes individual human rights, in a world that has seen the ill effects of war, committing a crime is almost synonymous to becoming an outcast. As members of this society, we grew up in understanding the stealing is wrong, that taking the life of another is heinous and that, if we have quarrels and if there is inequality there are proper venues like the courtroom. We are also used to the idea of Policing and Investigating and the government keeping our interests of living in a peaceful society working towards this mandate. Hence we have police officers ready to respond to crime Does Punishment Deter Crime? 3

at any given time. We have soldiers ready to fight for us and what our...
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