Does Pornography Affect Your Life?
Topics: Sexual intercourse, Pornography, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Erectile dysfunction / Pages: 10 (2372 words) / Published: Apr 24th, 2013

Does pornography affect your life? It might if you are part of the “28,258 people surfing porn” (Tech Crunch) that happens every one second. According to Gaddis (2009), Pornography has existed for a long period of time although it has not been a serious problem that causes major issues until now in the 21 century. The pornography business has become a multibillion dollar industry. Access to pornography has become so easy to access that you do not have to even drive to your local shop for a playboy magazine to masturbate to. All it takes is the “on” switch on your computer and you have access to naked women on your screen within seconds, thanks to the internet. Many would say that porn is not a bad thing but very healthy because it allows physical release and sexual arousal without the risk of sexual diseases or unwanted pregnancy. Except, it is no longer healthy when it starts taking over your life, affecting your relationships, values, social skills, and sex life because you start to lose realization of reality. Pornography is out to get you every time you go on the internet. The industries main targets are male teenagers and young college students who are easy target to lure into the world of porn at young age. Their target age is a very smart strategy because it builds consumers at a young age that may eventually become long term addicts and consumers. Male internet users see advertisements with provocative pictures about meeting “sexy singles” and dating sites all the time when entering sites. That why male users see these ads as harmless so they click on the links out of curiosity. Pornography is harmful to men because it leads to addiction and objectification, damages relationships and emotions, increases sexual violence, causes sexual problems, and might also leads to pedophilia.

First, pornography use can become a serious addiction that can compare to drug users such as cocaine and meth, according to Hilton and Watts (2011). The reason for this

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