does money make you happy

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Does money make you happy? Is money all you should ever care of? Due to the world we live in, It has come to my realization that most people have minds which have been dominated by the thought of money. Everywhere I go, whether it’s at home or in the streets, I will hear at least a word relating to money. So why talk about it so much? Does it make us happy?!


Most people, when they hear the word money, they think about the happiness money can get you, they think about the luxuries. The thing is they don’t see the other side of the having a lot of money. Probably the only time when money can make you happy is if you’re income distends. What will you do when you have too much money? most people would just spend the extra dollars on unnecessary luxuries. Too much money could also result in less happiness because most of the time you would probably be worried about your money getting stolen and such, therefore spending most of your time making sure your money is all right. Money is able to solve your problems though, well, only up till a certain point. The rest of your problems can only be fixed via friends and family which you have most probably lost or fallen out of contact with for a long time due to the sheer excitement of getting rich. Therefore most problems are going to stick with you and won’t turn into happiness.!


Money can’t buy happiness so what can? According to surveys, most of the happiness in this world belongs to close relationships and recreational activities. Happiness can also be gained by the feeling of success, but most people interpret this matter in the wrong way. Most people think that success means more money, getting rich. Therefore most people think that money means happiness.Money might not buy you happiness but money can get you stability and certainty. For example, being rich gives you the certainty that you won’t run out and you can be certain that your child can go to school. !


The difference between money and...
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