Does Media Cause Harm?

Topics: Television, Mass media, Good and evil Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: March 9, 2006
Quyen Pham
Date 12/08/2005
Paper # 3
Philosophy 115
Does the Media Cause Harm?
There are many things in our surroundings that influence our behaviors. Among other things that shape our views are the education system, family values and the media. Whether they are right or wrong, they define to a large extent who we are. A lot people say that the media has a bad effect on their behaviors. I am of a different opinion though. The media is where we gather and get our information from. It provides with education, and bring us information worldwide and give us access to global communication.

Through the media viewers enjoy a wealth of knowledge and entertainment. For instance, discovery and history channels on TV provide information that can be learned and adopted by viewers. It is good for both, people who cannot go to school to learn these things or people who are still at school. Newspapers, magazines, radio, or television also helps people to enhance their understanding of facts and make useful decisions like how to improve their problem-solving skills. These types of knowledge and education may be useful for survival of the human nature. The media also contain programs that help children to learn and grow. There are many TV shows which present various topics catering to different age groups. Such programs lay the foundation for the progress of development during the formative years until reaching maturity. Nowadays, the media also has a program which allows parents to control what their children watch. The media is a place where people can get information all over the world. By watching television, listening to the radio, or reading newspapers, viewers can know what is happening around the world. For example, we can know the progress of Iraq's war just by sitting in front of our TV set or reading daily news. We do not have to go directly to Iraq to figure out, but we still know the casualties and responses of either side in the war. We...
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