Does Language Plays Roles of Equally Importance in Different Areas of Knowledge?

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Theory of Knowledge
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Essay 4: Does language plays roles of equally importance in different areas of knowledge?

In order to claim that we know something we must first define how we know it. There are four widely accepted ways of acquiring knowledge, through our senses and observation, through reasoning and logic, through authority and finally through intuition and revelation. However in order to acquire, produce and communicate knowledge we need the use of language.

Language, spoken or written, is our mainly means of communication. Is transmitted through learning and is a part of our culture. Only human can speak. A trait that set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, and brings us together with each other. No other animal, make use of such complex means of communication. Primates like apes and monkeys make use of a natural system of communication, called “call system”, consisting of limited number of vocal sounds highly dependable on environmental stimulus. Our ancestors used to communicate with “call system” till human language evolved to what it is nowadays: a tool that allows us to discuss the past and the future, to express feelings, exchange ideas and experiences.

Language expresses the association between words and things for which they stand for. We give a name to everything we see, feel, and hear. Symbols also are integrated in human language. For example not smoking areas in restaurants are marked with a sing picturing a cigar with an “x “. But isn’t restaurants the only place that we can find symbols. Mathematics, one of the six areas of knowledge, makes use of a language that has symbols and numbers, a language complex but yet universal and in everyday use. but Mathematics does not have rules that vary from language to language or from culture to culture, is the same around the world. “Mathematics is the science of patterns, and those patterns can be found anywhere you care to look for them, in the physical...

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