Does Language Play Roles of Equal Importance in Different Areas of Knowledge?

Topics: Science, Mathematics, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: July 1, 2008
One might ask what is language which I use everyday? Language is defined as a method of communication by humans using symbols to share ideas, emotions, information and opinions. This can either be verbal or non-verbal. Would you not agree that most of things we learn in school are conveyed to us through language such as through teaching and reading textbooks? In order for communication to take place, it requires a sender, a message and a receiver. Language is a mode of communication that enables the message to be conveyed from the sender to the receiver. It is one of the ways humans acquire knowledge. On the surface, it seems that language is equally important in the development of these areas of knowledge, to gather and accumulate knowledge in respective areas. However, on closer analysis, it becomes clearer that due to different functions of language, it is used differently. This essay would look at how language is being used in Natural Sciences, History and Arts, to illustrate that, language is equally important in these three areas of knowledge to a certain extent but through further analysis, there is a difference in the way language is used in these areas of knowledge. To begin with, these areas of knowledge are heavily depended on languages for knowledge to be passed down throughout histories of discoveries. In order for knowledge to be passed on from generation to generations or scientists to scientists, language is used to convey information to one another. Without a written document then that knowledge is lost after a discoverer or a researcher of the respective fields of studies dies. For instance, in History, certain knowledge of events would be lost if there were no languages to write a diary or a document. In other words, there would be no sources left behind such as the Korean War to understand or analyse the event. Therefore, language is useful in translating the thoughts of people to something which other people could physically read such as a...
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