does immigration contribute to a better america

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Rhetorical Essay
“He wants it all” by Dominique Jones
Forever Jones’ song, “He wants it all” is one of my favorite songs. I appreciate the message that is given to me by the lyrics as I am reminded that I should not withhold anything from God. I feel that Dominique, the author, along with her family, sends home the message of the lyrics through her dynamic vocal illustrations. The combination of persuasive lyrics, instrumental expression, and dynamic video performance of this song by Forever Jones.

Forever Jones is a Christian gospel group that is made up of a family that originated 30 years ago in Yakima, Washington as Dewitt and Kim Jones began to “cultivate the habit of family prayer and worship” ( They have recently moved to Shreveport, Louisiana to become a part of the ministerial staff of Shreveport Community Church. Kim and Dewitt have five children; D’Jeniele’, Dominique, Dewitt IV, Juda and Mya whom all compose and play music. Most all of the songs that are performed, are from songs inspired and written through prayer that takes place every morning at 9 a.m. Some songs are written through worship and some through actual prayers. In 2010, the album ‘Get Ready’ featured the #1 hit “He wants it all” and earned a GRAMMY nomination. The album won a Stellar Award for Best Contemporary Group, three Dove Award nominations and included the prestigious New Artist of the Year award.

Dominique Jones tells of her experience writing the song “He wants it all” on a Breathcast interview ( by Julene Fleurmond. Dominique sits with her family and discusses how they write songs during prayer time. Dominique speaks up and says, “My dad asks me if I wanted to pray with him”. Her dad looks at Dominique and laughs. “I did?” Mr. Dewitt says. Dominique laughs and affirms the question with a nod. She repeats again that her dad asked her to pray with him and she says in prayer this song just dropped in her heart. It’s amazing...

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