Does immigration contribute to better America

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September 24, 2012

*Does immigration contribute to a better America?
The whole world knows that America welcomes for freedom and democracy. America has served as a magnet for people seeking freedom from tyranny and oppression and opportunities to improve the material circumstances of their lives. I agree with Philippe legrain who need to open the world immigrate people .Actually. He proves that immigration contributes to a better

America as well as a better world. He also emphasizes that the flows of immigrants within the global system brings both talent and labor to areas of need. He can proves that America a better place through both labor and entrepreneurial initiatives, and enhancement of the political culture.

America is known for the freedom and opportunities that this country has to offer, which is the main reason why a majority of immigrants migrate here from a variety of countries. Usually the type of immigrants that do come to America are the ones with dreams, the ones who have a goal in life, want to become somebody, therefore causing them to work hard even at a low-paying job. I believe that immigration does contribute to a better American for various reasons. The secret to economic vibrant male’s immigrant is seeking for a better life. I migrant labors are as beneficial to both rich and poor countries. America needs them to gain economically from accepting both low and high skilled immigrants. So immigrant labor is important to develop the economic .In addition ,Immigrant people came up with an amazing new ideas to make the economics grew up because they are more determined to succeed in their lives. Those immigrant people move from their poor country because they could not find work to gain more money; however, they are well educated. Their bad situation in their countries makes them move to rich country like America. Those immigrant people also have talent that can make use of advanced economies ‘ superior capital and technologies, making them much more productives.This makes them much betteroff .Actually the case of immigration changed the economies by gaining more than double the size of the world economy. Moreover as advanced economics create high skilled jobs, they inevitably create low skilled ones too. However, some people argue that low skilled immigration is harmful because the new comers are poorer and less educated than Americans. But Foreigners do not cost Americans their jobs and do not just take jobs, they create them too. For example, some people create new jobs for who bought what they sold, and they stimulate demand for Americans in complementary lines of work. Thus, While the number of immigrants has risen sharply over the past twenty years, America‘s unemployment rate has fallen. Immigration is also increasingly temporary when people are allowed to move freely because that travel in cheaper and the opportunities of economics do not stop at national borders. There is also encouragements form the government for the immigrants who enable children to stay in school ,fund small business, and benefit the local economy more broadly. Most of people move from their country to make good money and then go back to bring new skills, new ideas, and capital to start new businesses. Historically, immigration has been a good way to get different, motivated, eager people to be part of the United States.  The people who are willing to go to the effort of immigrating and are brave enough to leave their home countries and the lives they know are likely to be more ambitious than the regular run of people. One of the essences of America is that it is the land of second chances. It is the asylum of those who have been hated and isolated from their native cultural order.  The travelers were silenced voices, and they emigrated.  The Europeans who came over were also individuals in search of a better life because the lives they were...
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