Does Hamlet Love Ophelia

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Does Hamlet Truly Love Ophelia?
Yes, Hamlet does truly love hamlet. On the surface it seems that Hamlet rejects Ophelia and insults her constantly because he is acting as if he were crazy in his plot to kill Claudius. While this may be true I feel there is a deeper reason Hamlet is so vile to Ophelia. Hamlet is actually trying to push Ophelia away. It’s much like how spider man does Mary Jane in the Movies (not the comics). He loves her so much but he knows his lifestyle will not be fitting for a serious relationship so he has to stay away from her to avoid the pain felt by the situation. The next question that arises why is he trying to push her away. Either way Hamlet is going to have complications. If he doesn’t kill Claudius he will emotionally distraught and thrown into jail or executed. If he does kill Claudius he risks dying in battle or afterward because he just killed the king. So either way he is not suitable for marriage and it would hurt Ophelia more this way than if she thought he went crazy. Also Hamlet doesn’t want a serious relationship because I don’t think he can truly trust females or relationships in general after seeing what happened to his mother and father. . At Ophelia’s funeral service he says he lover her “more than 40,000 brothers ever could.” Through it all I know Hamlet truly loves her but through his circumstances he cannot love her
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