Does God Exists?

Topics: Existence, Theology, God Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The question of whether God exists has for centuries been a topic of debate among philosophers and theologians, believers and non-believers, priests and preachers, and the average man on the street or guests at a party. Many people are unconvinced of the existence of God without having scientific evidence. Others, who already believe in God’s existence through their faith in Him, seek intellectual support to better understand their faith. Both believers and non-believers can find sound, rational reasoning regarding the existence of God in the writings of two great philosophers, St. Anselm and St. Thomas Aquinas, who offer convincing theories for God’s existence without utilizing science-based methods or arguments. One might ask why the existence of God is a question that has so much meaning to us today. What makes this question as important in our modern times as when it was pondered by the earliest philosophers? This is because our own existence is “connected” to the existence of God. God’s existence defines our own and confirms our significance and importance in the world as individuals, as well as provides for us the ideals that make our society more harmonious and well-ordered. This search for inner and social peace has been important to man since his beginnings, and is timeless, in being as important today as it was in the ancient world. While discussing and pondering the existence of God makes a good subject for interesting debate, within our most inner being it is a much more serious pursuit. To feel some degree of certitude that we are not alone in the world and are cared for by someone other than the same individuals who are, by nature, the same as we – basically selfish, egocentric, and sometimes uncaring - makes us hopeful of overcoming our sinful natures. When we connect our minds and hearts to thoughts of God, we feel capable of lifting ourselves out of...

The Philosophy of Religion and proving the existence of God is a feat...
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