Does Education Help Us in the Climbing of Social Ladder?

Topics: Education, Sociology, Morality Pages: 4 (1258 words) Published: August 28, 2011
Education serves many different purposes. To attain an elevation of social status, there should be fair play in education. In other words, education should be based on merits. Education, agreed by all at wide, is a right entitled to all humans. Yet, due to several political circumstances, some children are not given the chance to be educated. For the fortunate ones who live in countries that provide equal educational opportunities, one will be able to gain a chance in climbing the social ladder, provided that meritocracy is practised as well. However, i do not agree with the statement that this is the only purpose of education. We may only spend several years of life in schools, receiving education, the intangible aftermath effects of education is boundless. Through education, we learn communication skills, practise moral values and face life with a positive attitude.

To start off, addressing the issue in the statement, education enables one to climb the social ladder. With education, 92% of the children in Singapore are literate and hence able to handle simple office work. Furthermore, with the policy of taking contrasting subjects at secondary and pre-university levels, Singapore students’ perspectives are widened and hence, they will receive a broader scope of knowledge. As such, with education enabling students to be equipped with a wide range of knowledge and content, they will have more options in the working field in the future. For instance, as the student took the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics in their pre-university level, they have the choices ranging from being an engineer to an economist. They can work in both the Science and Technology and Social Science sectors. To add on, as Singapore practises meritocracy, everyone is given a chance to excel in their niche areas. Hence, students not as financially able who are willing to put in the effort can also attain degrees which enable them to obtain a high-paying job,...
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