Does Canada Need a Queen?

Topics: Democracy, Constitutional monarchy, Canada Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: November 16, 2005
Does Canada still have the same connection with the Queen as we used to? The Queen is irrelevant today. Change like this is in the future. Nothing stays the same forever. However the role of the monarchy in Canadian history cannot be denied. The same could be said of the Nazis; or the Mohawks and Laura Secord. However the Monarchy offers dimension to our history.

Canada continues to need as many historically based structures as possible to distinguish the country from its burgeoning, warmongering and oh-so-greedy neighbor to the south. The monarchy is an essential aspect to the functioning of an independent Canada. Make no mistake about it, a republic of Canada would be riper for absorption into the States, a move that would be led by conservative Albertans, and perhaps hastened by the separation of Quebec. Of course, conservative Albertans are basically American fifth columnists anyway.

As I read the histories of the US and Canada and look at the country founded by American Loyalist exiles and their descendants, and see how our democracy expanded wider to include other groups, it's clear to me that we have established the saner of the two countries. Canada was not established on mounds of Native corpses quite to the degree that the US was. You never had warlike, superpower ambitions. Your ancestors didn't own slaves.

The last problem is that many Canadians today don't trust our government. the scandals, corruption, greed and internal disputes. while Americans may admire our government, Canadians don't really trust it. if you ask people how they vote, most of them will say "the lesser of the evils", maybe one reason is the War Measures Act, which allows the government to essentially become a dictatorship, halting the democratic process. While the Queen may be just a figure, she has more political power than anyone else, she just doesn't use it. If the Canadian government becomes tyrannical, the Queen is the only person who can overthrow the government...
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