Does Art Really Imitate Life?

Topics: Film, Art, Television Pages: 3 (496 words) Published: December 2, 2014

Reflected on the Tv
Majority of individuals consider that art is a reflection on people’s lives. However, Steve Johnson describes the impact that these new entertainments have in our life. Are these new resources representing art mimicking us or are we the ones trying to mimic their behavior. This new entertainment we have is making us smarter and partially affecting us as well depending on their behavior on the television. Art is the art of an action by an individual that distracts or calls a person’s attention. There is partially a speculation that arts mimic life. If we refer to the art that its made on paper then its based on life because he is reflecting his feelings on his drawing. The television is a representation of art as well so these shows or films that they show it may be based on us as well but it also affects us. Johnson stated that actions on the television affect us depending on the words and behavior its being used, “The intelligence arrives fully formed in the words and actions of the characters on-screen.” (282) It can impact us positively or negatively depending on what you are watching. The television is a representation of art by having these good looking and “perfect” individuals acting depending on what the films or shows producers tell them. As Dana Stevens said these commercials can impact us in different ways “Not only does Johnson fail to account for the impact of the 16 minutes worth of commercials that interrupt any given episode” (296) It could be a beauty commercial or a shopping commercial. It can feel the urge to do something we weren’t planning to do. This art its affecting us, our life.

According to Steven Johnson he believes that watching television can be something positive for us and it can make us smarter. Dana Steven in the contrary believes that this is absurd making fun of Johnson with sarcasms on her essay. She thinks that TV does not make a person smarter. Her proof is that she also watches a lot of...
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