Does Allowing Teen Children Unrestrained Access to Condoms Promote Bad Behavior?

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Adolescence, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: August 29, 2010
Does Allowing Teen Children Unrestrained Access to Condoms Promote Bad Behavior? The controversial subject that conveys the opinion that allowing teen children unrestrained access to condoms is promoting bad behavior has been an issue of debate for many years. It is not likely that everyone will ever agree on such an emotionally volatile subject matter. Many people feel that allowing teenager’s access promotes sexual activity and poor decision making; however, others feel that it does not promote it and could actually help prevent tragic results. Unprotected sex leads to unintentional pregnancy and sexual diseases. Although, education, moral teachings, and promotion of abstinence are extremely important; many teenagers will continue to engage in sexual activity. The act of giving a teenager access to condoms combined with education can reduce the catastrophic results tremendously. Take a walk on the grounds of any high school in America and the chance of seeing a pregnant teenage girl is quite high. A rough estimate is that just under one third of teen girls become pregnant. Many of these girls do not finish high school; the lack of education reduces potential work opportunities, often resulting in the need of government assistance. The fathers of these babies are typically also teenagers, and are greatly impacted as well. Both parents will now have to grow up at a fast pace and learn to become parents before they fully become adults. Additionally, contracting a sexually transmitted disease is also an extreme risk from unprotected intercourse. There are over twenty-five commonly known dangerous diseases. Many of the infections have simple treatments; however, some are diseases are not curable, and others have fatal results. Over half of the diseases are contracted by teenagers, and all of them could have been prevented. Some people argue that education and promoting abstinence should be enough to prevent these circumstances; consequently, the...
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