Dodge vs. Ford Comparison essay

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Timothy Stuessy
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Paula Pitkiewicz
May 6, 2013
The Best Truck for me
With the turning of the economy people seem to be buying new vehicles. In a few years I’ll probably be needing a new truck. My father and I have both owned Dodge trucks. However when searching for a new truck I thought I would compare the other models that Ford makes against Dodge.

When researching options and prices on Ford’s website, I found that they had ten different models between their base F150 costing $23,955 and their top of the line limited edition F150 costing $53,185 where as the Dodge Ram line of trucks have one fewer models coming in at nine. Dodge’s Base model costs $22,640 and their top of the line long horn edition truck costs $44,325. Overall the Dodge line of trucks are a better quality of truck when compared model for model against Ford for a few obvious reasons.

Dodge ram 1500 full sized trucks have the best in class fuel economy with an estimated seventeen miles per gallon city and twenty five miles per gallon highway with their new v6 engine and eight speed automatic transmission. Ford, however, has more towing capacity with the 325 foot pounds of torque their base line v6 creates. With twelve miles per gallon city and twenty three miles per gallon highway Ford has less fuel economy than the Dodge trucks. Dodge trucks have had a large improvement in 2013 with the addition of the newest 3.6 liter Penstar v6 engine. The motor is tuned to make 305 horsepower and create 269 foot pounds of torque.

Towing capacity has always been one of the biggest categories for competition between truck companies. Ford takes the cake with an impressive 11,700 pounds; whereas the 2013 Dodge truck can haul 10,450 pounds. Hauling capacity is important because if you can’t get the crew and your boat to the lake, how are you going to be able to party? In 2013 Fords truck lineup has not won any awards however the trucks they make have proven to stand the test of time. The 2013...
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