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Online shopping has become the trend and the new mode
of purchasing. There are literally 1000s of online marketing enterprises selling goods from cosmetics, clothing, shoes,
hand phone accessories, vitamin supplements, used items
and so on. Literally the entire range of consumer items.

These services have little overheads, no rentals to
worry about and no staff wages to pay out, unlike their
physical counterparts who are at a great disadvantage.

Ebay and other well known online marketing platforms have
good and healthy growth in their local trade volumes.

Similarly, the postal department and local courier business
is experiencing healthy demand and business.

This pops a question. While there is growth in these
sectors, obviously the usual retail sector shrinks. Shops
do not get their sales volumes and are closing down.

The trend is very clear. Retal shop demand will fall and even shrink. Other than for the service side , such as hair saloons, clinics and so on.

Online shopping is indeed having an adverse impact on the retail sector. ADVANTAGE:
1.  less OPEX - no need to maintain a large group of people but since i do provide delivery service, i only hire delivery reps. 2.  you can capture both local and international market
3.  you get to operate 24/7 as mentioned mcgyver8 
4.  high income from international clients
5.  you can expand products and services as months pass by due to market demand

1.  you must have multiple lines where clients can contact you.  clients, local and abroad tends to be demanding in terms of prod inquiry so you must keep up (i sometimes answer text msgs at 4AM!) else, you'll lose the trust and credibility.

2.  there may be times that international customs may reject some items and of course, nature's instinct, even if it's not the shop's fault, the client will direct the disappointment or aptly put, the anger towards you.  this is the reason why you must be careful in putting the terms and conditions or responsibility area that must be clear especially to international clients.

3.  there's a lot of web sellers who are not legally registered (business-wise) and that automatically means that they don't normally pay taxes so it makes their merchandise much lower.  

4.  you always have to do a lot of research to be abreast of the latest trend (depending on what your prod is), mine kasi is into beauty solution and fashion so i have to be updated on the latest fashion.  

there you go, hope that helps.  in case you need further assistance, please let me know.  it might help to know that i do offer web hosting with free domain name registration (both for 1 year).  it always helps to have an official site rather than riding with the free hosts.  it makes the business legit in terms of cyber-penetration.   Advantages:

- 24x7 operations (order taking system)
- no concept of physical space. (ie. a stall in the mall can only accomodate a few people, in   ecommerce,  even 100 people browsing your site at 1 time can be possible. - no rent, utilities expense,  just webhosting and web maintenance. - if you are selling downloadable stuff (ie. ebooks, music, documents, video..etc) then there would be no shipping cost.

- nobody knows you exist.  you need to do Internet Marketing both offline and online   (online- promote your site to lots of people like this forum)   (offline- post ads in newspapers and other traditional advertising materials) - some people are afraid of buying online (ie. giving out credit card details)

- i suppose the normal business regulations apply.

Are you planning to have an online store in the US rhina?  I may be able to help. :-)  just PM me, or email would be better (or yahoo messenger) as I just pass by this board from time to time.

What are the advantages of selling online?
An online shopping facility allows customers to order and pay for your goods and services over the Internet....
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