Topics: SQL, Database, Database management system Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Lahore School of Economics
Khadija Shahid
Business computing 2


* Define:
* Data redundancy:
* Data integrity:
* Explain what is a database management system?
* What is Management information system and what are the features of MIS? * State the reasons why companies need MIS?
* Database management increases productivity, what are the types of views of information that increases productivity? * What are the practical advantages of the database to the organizations? * What is a relational database?

* A DBMS is composed of four subsystems explain?
* Generate two forms with the help of given data one for the Printing and other for the Courses. Add required & relevant fields from other tables as well.

Case Study Of

Computerized cab service management system
Cab service company employees are categorized into sections. Each section has asection manager. Section No and a fixed basic salary rate is assigned to a section. They keep data onEmp-no, NIC No, name, address, sex, DOB, contact no. of employees. If the employee is a driverhis driving licen no and capable vehicle classes should be added . Each employee is assigned onlyto one section. For a travel, driver is assigned to a vehicle. They keep following data about vehicles;Reg No, Insurance no, Model, vehicle category, current mileage. In this case customer is the personwho is making a reservation. They keep name, NIC_no, address, contact no. regarding the customer.Once a customer reserved a cab, he cannot make any other reservations until the end of the reservedduration. Customer can reserve one or more vehicles from a reservation. They are keeping index no,payment method, amount, No. of vehicles, distance, start date and time, end date and time regardinga reservation. They are supplying various kinds of supplies to maintain vehicles. A supplier cansupply more than one supplying category. Company always keeps data on additional...
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