Documentary Review: Bruce Parry in Anuta Island

Topics: Island, Solomon Islands, Fishing Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Learner record of Anutan’s

This is a very small Island that is just half a mile in diameter and is one of the thousand islands that make up Melanesian nation of the Solomon Islands. Anuta Island has been known as ‘te fatu sekeseke’, the slippery stone, due to it being such a small spot in the ocean. The population of the island was under three hundred. This tribe really spoke to me there was so many aspects of their lives I thought were so fascinating. When meeting the chef there was a protocol that Bruce Perry had to be lower than the chef so had to go in on his hands and knees then they welcomed him in a Polynesian way with nose kiss and inhaled deeply. Another thing which I found amazing was the Anutan’s relationship with nature, that they are totally self-sufficient and that nearly every part of the island is used to grow stable crops like manioc (I have actually eaten manioc and is a root vegetable and is actually quite delicious), taro, Breadfruit. Food is often buried into what they call maa pit with leaves placed on the sides of the hole to make it water tight this helps with preservation and also in case of a cyclone. Fishing was the main source of protein and had so many various ways of fishing some of the methods explored in documentary was that the community builds wall in the sea then they scare fish into that area and the whole community helps to catch fish inside this walled area, another method was spear fishing. One method that astonished me was seeing the Anutan’s floating on top of the water and drop weighted lines to reef below. Due to the size of the Island there are not very many trees, there for the canoes they make are very treasured items they can take up to five or six months to make and are V in shape. I found it funny that on the canoe they need someone to bail the water out. The Anutan’s have a great understanding about the waves and navigation techniques of where the best places to fish are an of course where the reefs are....
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