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Documentary on Steroids: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

By WickedWeAre Oct 15, 2014 414 Words
 Bigger stronger Faster As i watched this movie i learned about steroids and their bad side .in this movie it talks about a family and what they've been through with steroids. I learned that steroids are dangerous if not used properly and that you can contract diseases if you use a needle. Also that strength powder is fake and doesn't actually help you grow muscle but is actually just random stuff people put in a pill to make it seem like you're growing muscle but the people are just actually using steroids. This movie helped me see that there are two sides to every story and that while using steroids may be harmful they are not dangerous if you use them safely and correctly. Most of the time during this video I noticed that he was trying to see if steroids were dangerous and check to see if they had any real health concerns and to see if they'd hurt their health if they used it safely and didn't overuse the steroids. It’s an examination of America's win-at-all-cost culture from the perspective of bodybuilding and performance enhancing drugs, as it focuses on a pair of siblings chasing their dream. The documentary examines the steroid use of director Christopher Bell's two brothers, Smelly and Mad Dog, who all grew up idolizing Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan, and Sylvester Stallone, and also features professional athletes, medical experts, fitness center members, and US Congressmen talking about the issue of anabolic steroids. Beyond the basic issue of anabolic steroid use, Bigger, Stronger, Faster* examines the lack of consistency in how the US views drugs, cheating, and the lengths people go to achieve success. The film looks beyond the steroid issue to such topics as Tiger Woods' laser eye correction to 20/15 vision, professional musician’s use of blood pressure reducing drugs, or athletes' dependence on cortisone shots, which are a legal steroid. It takes a skeptical view of the health risks of steroids and is critical of the legal health supplement industry. I think that this video was a pretty good and it was a good muscled look at the taboo of steroid use and the biggorexic pressures on modern American men. Film-maker is in an ideal situation for doing this project, with two brothers who have used steroids and the film-maker himself having only dabbled with them once and his whole life struggled with the decision of whether or not to plunge in.

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