Documentary on James Baldwin's Life: The Price of a Ticket

Topics: Black people, United Kingdom, Thought Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: April 15, 2000
The Price of A Ticket
My response to The Price of A Ticket, is that the documentary about James Baldwin's life was well stated. In the beginning of this video the narrator introduced James Baldwin as well as his family. They told how Baldwin progressed from a boy to a man in Harlem, and James Baldwin himself illustrated his thoughts of the time. I believe his father played a bigger role in making James the person he was than he was given credit for. Before James Baldwin was an accomplished writer he was a clergyman, thanks to his father. With his way of words, imagination, and his experience in the pool pit Baldwin had the ingredients to create great written works. James traveled around Europe meeting and greeting new friends, and at the same time still writing masterpieces. I like this character James Baldwin, because he was a strong, proud, intelligent, black man. He was at that time the voice of the blacks and other minorities. He would go on television, and people would see a black man and think nothing of him. After he opened his mouth people would see an intelligent black man speaking his mind about the countries issues, but still they saw him as a black man instead of just a man. All creatures are put on this earth for different periods of time, but not all of them take full advantage of this time. James Baldwin took advantage of his short stay on earth, and accomplished more in a few years than most people do in an entire lie time.
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