Documentary Analysis: Waltz with Bashir

Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Occasionally, a film comes out that questions the definition of what is defined as normal. A film that breaks the "cookie cutter" description of what documentaries are seen as. Waltz with Bashir is an animated documentary about the massacre that occurred during the Lebanon War. Scenes of dreams and animations instead of real life footage create the impression of a fiction film instead of an actual documentary. What makes this film a documentary is the fact that although it's animated, the film tells a true story in ways not available through video.

First, the viewer has to understand that a documentary doesn't always have to be video of actual people or places to be considered a documentary. Civil War documentaries do not have videos from the actual war because film was not invented then. Instead, photographs are shown to allow the viewer to believe the events were real. If a viewer can connect photographs to the real event how does an animation of real events change a documentary's credibility? "Another way of saying this is that texts and paintings don’t require ‘real’ referents; real producers are perfectly sufficient, and this is where photography ultimately stands out: here the producer is, in part, the referent; without the object there would be no photograph"(Rozenkrantz). Basically, as long as there is a human producing a film, the director has the same credibility as a photographer does with their photographs. A painting is the same as animation but it is digital. When someone paints a picture of a real location in a city we can automatically believe that it is real. It would be different to believe a photograph or painting of mythological creatures compared to animations of a soldier's memories from the war. When we watch a movie we know that beyond the screen is nothing. The only thing that exists is what is being shown to us. Behind a door might not be the rest of the world but just a wall. "The visual evidence of an animated documentary is...
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