Doctor of Architecture

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Personal Statement
Architecture has always been a professional ambition that I aspire to. It alone is a passion that resonates within me with desire that extends beyond any ordinary career path, as it does with anybody who truly loves the study and practice of the arts. A feeling like a great purpose that impels me all the time to be in an effort on that. As I remember, I have always been involved with engineering and art because my father is an Electrical Engineer and my mother is a Musician. I started painting at a very early age, when I was just five years old, and mostly used watercolor in my paintings and performed these on newspapers using screaming colors. Then I tried to design my room with those scraps in my own way. My mother sometimes presented my paintings to her professor, who believed I would be an artist in future because of the peculiar style that I applied to my works. Besides painting, I started playing the santoor, an Iranian instrument, when I was ten years old. Also, I had some performance in “Playing Iranian instrument in a team”. As a senior high school student, I was introduced with especial physics and mathematics courses like Solid geometry, Visual Geometry, Statics, Dynamics, etc. I was a teacher assistant to help some students in mathematics. Finally, I got my diploma with an average of GPA 17.26/20 in the field of mathematics and physics. My primary idea in architecture was; from the time when, I decided to visit some historical buildings in Iran, every time I entered each of these places I had a feeling like a sense of a dignity, peace, and a feeling like that I was in my home; which made me curious about the origins of these feelings. To fully realize this goal, I needed to begin by attaining a Bachelor's degree in architecture; however, I did not pursue an architecture degree alone. As I started my bachelor degree, I decided to apply my passion and sense that I experienced in that...
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