Doctor Faustus

Topics: English-language films, Christopher Marlowe, God Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Nicole Landis
Pandora’s Legacy
Mr. McLaughlin

Throughout life people are provided with lots of advice. Whether they take the advice or not, they should always listen. Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe teaches the lesson on why you should always listen to advice that is given. The advice given may not always be the best, but it should be considered even if it is not used. The book shows that if you really listen to the advice given, it will most likely help in the long run. Faustus was confronted by an old man who gave the advice to “leave this damned art and do not persevere in it like a devil.” When he was told this by the old man he did not listen to his advice at all and blew it off as if what he was saying was irrelevant to Faustus’ situation. Listening to advice from elders is often very beneficial because they are known to be exceptionally wise. The old man realized that he was not getting to Faustus so “with grief of heart, fearing the enemy of the hapless soul,” left him. Faustus should have listened to the old man because his advice showed that he was not doing good working with the devil and studying magic. Not only did he not listen to the advice of the old man, he also didn’t listen to his good angel in the beginning when he was deciding whether he wanted to go to magic or stay using his intelligence for law and medicine. He should have “lay that damned book aside and read the scriptures- that is blasphemy.” That should have been the first thing to prove that magic was no good but he decided not to listen. Later on, the good angel proved that “if thou hadst given ear to me, innumerable joys had followed thee.” He did not want to listen to the good advice that was given and thought he knew better, but in the end he did not. The book significantly showed the lesson that you should listen to all advice given because it will help.
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