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Exercise 11.1 Using Event Viewer
Quastion 1: How many events appear in the System log?
Question 2: How many events appear in the System log now?
Question 3: How many events appear in the Critical & Warning custom view? 157

Exercise 11.2 Creating Event Subscriptions

Quastion 4: What counter appears in the Perfomance Monitor display by default? % Processor Time
Quastion 5: What happens?
The Queue Length counter is added to the System Monitor graph Quastion 6: Does this selection of counters make for an effective graph? Why or why not? Yes, because all of the counters have approximately similar values. Quastion 7: How would using the report view instead of the line graph view affect the compatibility of the performance counters you select? In report view, each counter is displayed numerically, so there is no need to consider the similarity of the data produced by the various performance counters, as is the case in graph view. Quastion 8: What effect does launching the programs have on the Perfomance Monitor graph? Some of the graph counters shot up.

Quastion 9: Does this modification make the graph easier or more difficult to read? Why or why not? It is easier to read because all of the counters tend to have high valueswhile the programs are loading, and increasing the vertical scale makes iteasier to see the maximum counter values. Quastion 10: Does this selection of counters make for an effective graph? Why or why not? No the graphs are not visible from this view.

Quastion 11: When creating a performance counter data collector set, under what circumstances would it be necessary to specify a user name and password in the Run As section of the collector set’s Properties sheet? When running from the server to record end client computers. Quastion 12: What happens when the Start Time you configured arrives? The icon on the side console tree has a play button on it.

Lab Challenge 11.1 Viewing a Perfomance Counter Log
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