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Defining Research
Definition by Cooper Definition by Zikmund

Advanced Research Methods
Zaki Rashidi

 A

Overview Lecture 1

process of determining,  Business Research may acquiring, analyzing, synthesizing, be defined as the and disseminating relevant “systematic and objective business data, information, and process of gathering, insights to decision makers in recording and analyzing ways that mobilize the data for aid in making organization to take appropriate business decisions” business actions that, in turn, (Zikmund, Business maximize business performance Research Methods, 2002, p. 6) Advanced Research Method (Zaki Rashidi) 8/6/2012

More definitions
 Research is the process of  An organized, systematic,

Research involves ...
critical, objective, scientific inquiry or investigation into a specific problem, undertaken with the propose of finding answers or solutions to it.

finding solutions to a problem after a thorough study and analysis of the situational factors.

Objectivity Precision Verification Parsimonious Explanation Empiricism Logical Reasoning


Advanced Research Method (Zaki Rashidi)



Probabilistic Thinking


Fields Where Business Research is Often Used – (1)

Typical Users of Business Research Methods
 Businesses and Corporations  Public-Sector Agencies  Consulting Firms  Research Institutes  Non-Governmental Organizations  Non-Profit Organizations  Independent Researchers and Consultants 5 Advanced Research Method (Zaki Rashidi) 8/6/2012

     

General Business Conditions and Corporate Research Short- & Long-Range Forecasting, Business and Industry Trends Global Environments Inflation and Pricing Plant and Warehouse Location Acquisitions Management and Organizational Behaviour Research • • • • • • • • 6

Financial and Accounting Research
           

Total Quality Management Morale and Job Satisfaction Leadership Style Employee Productivity Organizational Effectiveness Structural ssues Absenteeism and turnover Organizational Climate Advanced Research Method (Zaki Rashidi)

Forecasts of financial interest rate trends, Stock,bond and commodity value predictions capital formation alternatives mergers and acquisitions risk-return trade-offs portfolio analysis impact of taxes research on financial institutions expected rate of return capital asset pricing models credit risk cost analysis




Fields Where Business Research is Often Used – (2)
Sales and Marketing Research
            

Information Systems Research
      

Selected Examples of Real-Life Situations in Which Business Research Methods are Used  A firm wants to produce and market a new product but first wants to ascertain if there is a

Market Potentials Market Share Market segmentation Market characteristics Sales Analysis Establishment of sales quotas Distribution channels New product concepts Test markets Advertising research Buyer behaviour Customer satisfaction Website visitation rates

Knowledge and information needs assessment Computer information system use and evaluation Technical suppot satisfaction Database analysis Data mining Enterprise resource planning systems Customer relationship management systems Corporate Responsibility Research

potential consumer demand for this product in markets x,y and z  a multinational firm wants to establish a production facility in another country after

determining its technical and economic feasibility
 A government agency wants to ascertain the satisfaction level of its employees, the causes for

Ecological Impact Legal Constraints on advertising and promotion Sex, age and racial discrimination / worker equity  Social values and ethics   

any possible discontent, and propose a scheme for enhancing this level  A financial institution wants to invest in commodities and commissions a study to determine

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