Do You Think That the Union of the Church and the State Is Important in Our Country?  Why or Why Not?  Are You in Favor of It?

Topics: Roman Catholic Church, Goal, United States Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: December 11, 2010
Do you think that the union of the church and the state is important in our country?  Why or why not?  Are you in favor of it?

No.Those two were in different perspective.This stipulation, way back Spanish Colony, where church and state is united as one resulted to abusive deeds of the friars. Meanwhile, putting down Filipinos in depression and prohibiting them be the figure heads and bodies of the Philippine Politics.  So I think, this two is much better be separated like in our present Constitution. Because if that time friars weren’t in control of us and deprived us it will bring us no poverty. And somewhat,somehow we can insist the true essence of morality. If church and state is united, there’s going to be an agency problem where personal goals may place ahead nations goal. That if Papa’s be the leader he will only promote Catholism that may result chaos because we are not of the same religion and it could also lead to refraining the peoples will.We were thought to be Christian but politics is still politics. Meaning, an ideology of one man is of but diverse from one another. Even if it does influence the culture of leadership it still somewhat not helpful just as like the recent situation in our country on issue about reproductive health and sex education where Catholics disagree the teachings and implementing of the provision for it aids teenagers or every being to be involved in what we called pre-marital sex. However, as the matter of fact, reading the proposed bill don’t even encourage abortion nor urge people but it saves them to teenage pregnacy and to diseases which is HIV and only one-fourth of the bill covers the topic on sex and the rest implores knowledge,awareness and precautions to this alarming problem in our society. No wonder in 2050 we’ll gonna sleep standing side by side.So to speak, if church is separated from state we can sets plans and actions to correct and direct the people for betterment and church will only serves as spiritual...
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