Do You Think Religion Has A Place In The 21st Century Britain

Topics: Homosexuality, 21st century, Religion Pages: 2 (1022 words) Published: April 13, 2015

Do you think religion has a place in the 21st Century Britain?

In the following essay I will be discussing my opinion on whether or not religion has a place in 21st Century Britain. As Britain starts to modernise throughout the 21st Century, in some areas of society religion has become out dated for example, the ways of marriage and relationships or the way in which certain situations can be justified, I will be expanding on these and other situations on which religion effects society in 21st century Britain. In some ways religion doesn’t have a place in 21st century Britain. I think this because it is very outdated in 21st Century activities, for example cohabitation and sex outside marriage this in most religions is seen as unacceptable and is frowned upon where as in 21st century Britain in society it is very common. Most modern couples are choosing to live together without getting married as weddings nowadays are extremely expensive events to have, which may then put them in large financial troubles. These 21st century problems like not be able to afford a marriage means that this would then most probably push the couple to have sex outside of marriage as to some people just because they aren’t planning on getting married but still see themselves in a stable relationship and in love enough to feel confident enough to have sex with each other, they should be able to without having religion looking down on them. Although I also think that religion does have a place in 21st century Britain because without religion I think everyone would be too similar in the way we as a society work and think. At the moment everyone’s views and opinions range on the way that they have been brought up and personal beliefs, this I find is a main part of what makes the 21st century how individual everyone is. Religion plays a large part in this because if nobody believes in a religion whether it is Muslim, Christianity or Judaism or any of the many other religions in the...
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