Do you think murder can be interesting ?

Topics: In Cold Blood, Truman Capote, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1081 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Robel Gidey
Eng. 1A - Sat
27 September 2014
Do you find murder interesting?
Do you think that a true story of murder of a family which happened back in the 1950’s can be uninteresting and boring to read? In the article “True crime can be boring” Patricia Pavlov states that In Cold Blood is a “boring and unsatisfying” book. The first reason for her opinion is the fact that the book is very long (343 pages) and tedious just to mention about the mysterious accident that happened in the Clutters home. Patricia states how the author could simply write a 10-page magazine article instead of writing a 343 page book. Patricia also says how the author didn’t make much details concerning Dick and Perry’s road trip after the murder, how they met The Cowboy, Otto, Maria, and Inez, and why Dick and Perry chose to come back to the U.S when they had no job prospects and a real chance of being caught. This puzzled her and made her feel a bit shortchanged and quizzed. Lastly, Patricia found the book to be slow and dated, since the story happened 45 years ago. It made her think why people will bother to read and know about an accident which happened way back in the 1950’s. In conclusion, these three main factors led her to say the book is boring and unsatisfying.

I partially agree with Patricia’s argument. I agree how she said “book is slow and dated”. But I disagree with the other two statements stating “how the book is long” and “how unanswered questions made her feel shortchanged”. The first statement stating “how the book is long” is not actually true because the way I see it, the author Truman Capote wanted the readers to understand the whole behind the scene story deeply before going into the main story. Secondly, I disagree with the statement “how their was many unanswered question that made the readers shortchanged”. As far as I can relate, the author made every possible effort to include as much details as possible to each event that occurred....
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