Do You Fear Public Speaking ?

Topics: Need, Want, Audience Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 25, 2009
Fear of public speaking can prevent you from achieving great accomplishments that most of the people who have triumphed over the fear of public speaking are need to steal the light from your competitors by speaking in a breathtaking manner in front of others.for instance,in a business meeting.public speaking is the skill that you need to be armed with when you are to set for a job interview and so on so forth.Hence,fortifying yourself with this invaluable skill can give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.over the following lines,you will learn the very techniques than you need to apply before you launch your public speaking event :

1) The most important aspect of your presentation is your audience, as meeting their expectations about what you have to say is your first and foremost concern.for this purpose,studying the audience is the first thing to do in order for you to understand them well and hence communicate with them based on what you do this effectively,ask yourself the following questions: - what are their educational background about the subject matter? -their age,gender and sexual orientation?,marital status?,occupations? -do I know something about their interests? values? political views? religious believes? -what the audience know? What they want to know? And what are their reasons to listen? -……etc

Got it? Great,by answering these questions,you are in the right track in building a successful relation with the audience.

2) decide what is the purpose of your presentation.usually,we present in order to inform,entertain or persuade,determine the specific objective of this presentation by limiting the area of research in your preparation help you more,the specific purpose is what the main message you want your audience to the way is paved for the preparation stage.

3)after you have determining the focus of your public speaking event,It’s time to research your topic.your audience are expecting...
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