Do You Agree With The View That Labour

Topics: Labour Party, Conservative Party, London Assembly Pages: 3 (1482 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Do you agree with the view that Labour Governments in the years 1945-51 established a society with a ‘significantly greater degree of social equality’ (Source 6, lines 31-32) Labour governments in the years 1945-51 aimed to establish a society with a ‘significantly greater degree of social equality’: Source 1 suggests this statement is correct, although conversely Source 2 suggests that overall Labour didn’t create a greater social equality. And finally source 3 implies that Labour created social changes at the time but not a ‘revolution’ as such. The idea of social security, set up by Labour ensures for example those who can work find a job which will in the long term make them better off and balance the economy in terms of the distribution of benefits etc. In the years 1945-51 people faced different social and financial problems; the economy was suffering massively with Britain In debt to the USA. And furthermore this impacted socially and physically to many people, for instance rationing still continued and High taxation affected all. This was partly needed to cover the costs of some of social reforms the Labour party introduced; which they believed would greater social equality. The system impacted positively on most people: on those who work- national insurance act 1946; this greaters social equality as it gives people the same opportunites and supports them finically for a short period of time, although conversely this social reform could have been seen as quite objective in a sense that not everyone needs the benefits i.e. ‘the Maternity benefit’. Another social reform, ‘the Families Allowances act’ 1945, finically supporting families that have children, to better there opportunities in life; again middle and upper classes wouldn’t have needed the benefit due to being somewhat wealthy and therefore being able to uphold the general cost of living. Although it would have in the long-term started to close gap between the rich and the poor closer together,...
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