Do You Agree That the Ineptitude of the Monarchy Was the Most Important Reason for the Outbreak of Revolution in 1789?

Topics: Louis XVI of France, Louis XV of France, French Revolution Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: September 8, 2013
In 1789, France was one of the richest and most influential nations in the world. The people of France were served with humility and fairness in terms of lawful punishment, a privilege only offered in a few nations at that time. In theory France could have continued in its path of prosperity, but history proves that this was not the case. This essay will focus on the reasons of the French revolution that broke out in 1789 and whether the monarchy of France can be deemed most liable for the revolution. Furthermore, it will be also looking into other potential causes such as; the massive economic struggle caused by debt, food scarcity in the years immediately before the revolution, the growing unpopularity of the seigneurial system by peasants, wage-earners, and a rising bourgeoisie population, flaws in the system of taxation and lastly, the influence of famous writers and philosophers such as Voltaire, Denis Diderot, Turgot, and others inspired by the rise of enlightenment.

The economic problems France was facing at the time had undoubtedly a massive effect in terms of the revolution. In terms of production, France was booming at the time, industry was bringing France massive profits but never the less, France found itself in vast financial difficulties. Wars were a major exhaustion on the funds of the monarch, King Louis XV was enthusiastic in supporting the American War of Independence from the English. Fueled by the losses of the 7 years’ war against England, he devoted himself into establishing an independent nation of America. He sent the fighters a tremendous amount of resources to help them in their struggle against the English. He built an efficient navy, capable of challenging the English maritime arsenal. The support that he gave, although very crucial in creating and independent America was in fact damaging the economy of his own nation. Furthermore, many revolutionary ideals were spread during the time. France was in close contact of the Americas at...
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