Do You Agree That Children These Days Are Growing Up Too Fast for Their Own Good

Topics: Wine, Child, Childhood Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: September 16, 2011
The young of today are said to be growing up and maturing way too fast, as compared to previous generations. These children no longer act their age, instead they have been moulded by the world in such a way that they seem to be much older than they actually are. However, it is of no wonder that the little ones are growing up faster in this age, especially with the increasing emphasis on good grades, all-roundedness as well as the increasing amount of family issues. Having said that, children these days are still able to enjoy their childhood and stay their age with the help of the media, the opening of children-friendly theme parks and in the case of Singapore, the removal of examinations for Primary Ones and Twos. Thus all is not lost and therefore I do not agree that the children these days are growing up too quickly for their own sake. Stress is a contributing factor which helps speed up a child’s growing years. Previously, stress was not a word to be termed or used with children. Instead stress was what the adult-world was about. However, in recent years, more and more children are seeking medical help and counselling to deal with stress related issues. The most noticeable stress causing factor would be the school. School going children are constantly complaining about the piles of work they have and the various activities they are participating in. In today’s society, the children are facing a more demanding curriculum as compared to those form the past. There is an increase in emphasis of both the academic and non-academic aspect of education. In school, teachers expect young primary school students to achieve good grades as well as to be part of, perhaps, the schools’ best sport or club. This is what the teachers fondly refer to as ‘all-roundedness.’ Students who are able to achieve the best of both worlds are praised and the others, frowned upon. With this increasing emphasis on achievements in school, it is of no wonder therefore, that stress is now...
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