Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? the Advertising Is the Main Cause of Unhealthy Eating Habits.

Topics: Nutrition, Personal life, Food Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: September 14, 2013
I : Advertisements directly contribute to unhealthy eating culture in the society

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The advertising is the main cause of unhealthy eating habits.

Contemporarily, advertising plays an irreplaceable role in luring people to buy junk food and thus contributes to unhealthy eating habits. However, advertising is not the main cause of these unhealthy eating habits in that there are others factors give rise to unhealthy eating habits, say, increasing stress of work, wrong concept of beauty, less time for taking a good meal, regional factors, etc. Therefore I'm in disagreement with the statement.

First, people develop the unhealthy eating habits owing to their working stress. As the competition between people in the society becomes fiercer and more intense, the job stability decreased, which lead to more anxieties and stress in people's life. So some people gradually form a habit of eating a lot of food merely to stuff their stomach when they are not really hungry. A recent scientific discovery explains this phenomenon. It is said that chewing will help people soothe their nervous mind and a sense of satiety will give people a consolatory feeling. Besides, some kinds of food, such as bananas, contain certain compounds that will cheer people up. And thus it is clear that numerous people develop such unhealthy eating habit for the reason that they could relieve their stress and be relaxed.

In addition, it is the saying "being slender is being beautiful" in fashion industry that misleads people, especially young women, to follow an over-diet trend. Those young ladies tend to lose weight by refusing to eat even though they are hungry or by throwing up what they've already eaten right after the meals. Taking risk of being malnourished or even inviting anorexia to themselves, they develop an unhealthy eating habit only for the reasons that they mistake slim for skinny and desire to be as...
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