Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement: Your Job Has More Effect on Your Happiness Than Your Social Life Does.

Topics: God, Personal life, Water Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: May 21, 2013
If job and social life were two entirely independent elements, the assertion that my job influences my personal happiness more than does my social life would be well accepted. Unfortunately, in too many days, and in too many circumstances, my job and my social life entangle together, although they are not like the warps and weft of my personal textile of happiness. My job renders me immense happiness day and night, in spring and in winter as well. This is not because my job is special or distinctly different from yours, my brothers and sisters, nor is it because my job gives me more money or other intangible income measured against the mundane criteria(世俗评判标准). But it is because I have a very special attitude towards my job. To put it exactly, I am always enthusiastic and even exuberant when I work. I firmly believe that whatever the job is, it is significant to my mental and menial life to the Lord and my God. I work for the glory of the Lord and my God rather than, as the multitude mortals do, for the sake of the Gold. Thus, wherever I am, whatever I do, I am happy. I take job as part of life or an inevitable experience of my spiritual pilgrim process. Even when I was in prison in 1989, when I was forced to clean the filthy toilets, forced to do farm work under the scorching sun without a drop of drinking water, or forced to hand wash their socks and underwear in the cold winter when the water is only available when I broke the ice in the river where the cold winter wind sings. My friends, I say that my job gives me immense happiness because I love life, my life and the life of friends and foes. I love my parents and daughter and my brothers and sisters, and I even love those who persecuted me. My way to love people is to do a perfect job. Similarly, my social life ranks the same as my job in terms of the happiness rendering. What is your social life? The social life, essentially, is to talk and communicate in whatever forms with others, the people as humble as...
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