Do You Agree or Disagree That Progress Is Always Good

Topics: Medicine, Human, Future Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Today all humanity is advancing rapidly in various directions. And in my opinion progress gained is more likely to be beneficial than harmful. There are a lot of investigations in science and medicine nonetheless on the other hand few people are still trying to create a kind of global arm. Here I will try to give some examples to clarify and support my point of view.

Initially I would like to emphasize the vitality of progress in medical science. Hence without discovering some essential medicines and methods to defeat some specific diseases a lot of humankinds would not withstand their illnesses. Furthermore new technologies provided us an opportunity to detect and subsequently shelter majority of people form diverse hard and even mortal diseases such as cancer. It means that nowadays if a person with different kind of cancer comes to a hospital at a right time the probability that a person will dispose of his illness is much higher than in the past.

Then let us look at progress in computer technologies which provided us such convenient way of life. Computers have already become inherent in any office. Because of its comfortable usage and ability to multitask it has such a significant priority. An advance in technologies also includes our daily mobile phones, television, Internet and many others. In the future shall we be able to survive without those gadgets? Majority of people would probably answer no.

As we all know current generation is concentrated on progress so much that often they forget about environment which has already been endangered for many years. According to scientists the result of all human activities around the globe can cause a global warming or another global disease. Nevertheless some people despite all obstacles are trying to retain nature in safe by creating environmental organizations such as “Green Peace”. Human beings all over the world hope that in the future progress will be acquired in order not to harm our surrounding....
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