Do We Worry Too Much About the Welfare of Animals?

Topics: Meat, Worry, Anxiety Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: June 14, 2013
17/4/13 Do We Worry Too Much About The Welfare Of Animals?
The welfare of animals is a much spoken about topic, especially as the animals cannot talk about it themselves. It can be seen that our society worries too much about the welfare of animals but does not take enough action to protect these animals.

Animal testing is something that occurs frequently in our society. Many medicines and cosmetics are tested on animals first. Some people feel very strongly that damaging and mutating animals for our own personal benefit is very wrong. However, only some of these people check that their makeup, shampoos and medicines were previously tested on animals. So some people have a strong opinion on animals testing and have big arguments with people yet rarely do something to prevent it. On the other hand there are some people who have taken action against animal testing. People have been known to do things such as free animals from the labs where they have been tested. However is this even good for those animals or the animals on the outside?

Another aspect that people worry about the welfare of animals is endangered and over hunted animals. In the past few years there have been adverts on television informing people of the over hunting of animals, the destruction of their habitat causing them to become endangered. This has caused a panic in people who worry about these animals. However it is still very easy for people to get hold of products from endangered animals. The government may have made sure that companies in England don’t harm endangered animals, but what have they really done in poorer countries to protect these animals. Some people haven’t even been educated to know what animals they can and can’t poach. So people in western countries are trying to make sure they don’t buy anything from endangered animals, but they cannot even be sure if the companies are being honest about where they source their products and what can...
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