Do We Really Need to Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Topics: Love, Romance, Salman Khan Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: March 4, 2011
Do we really need to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I am sitting here watching all my friends express their love for their better half all over Facebook and I am wondering, do we really need to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it necessary for everyone to share one given day of the year with everyone else to express their love and to spend a considerable amount of money confirming that love? It is not that I do not take heed about other people’s affections towards their companions, I just would like to know, why are we so open about these feelings? There was once an era where people would be too humble and reserved to show others that they are truly, madly and deeply in love. In fact I have never seen my parents or my elders express their love in front of us children. For generations, love was expressed through so many different ways. Our forefathers never needed 14th February to show the strength of their love. So, what is it about the 14th of February that makes everyone turn into Romeos and Juliets? What is so special about this date in particular? Why cannot I express and celebrate my love on the 24th of August or 3rd June? Who are you (whoever created this concept) to give me a date for the celebration of my love? Why must I open my intimacy for the world to see? Salman Khan, a famous Indian movie superstar, often says on television when asked about his love-life, that the love-life is HIS, his girl is HIS, why is everyone so worked about it? I could not agree with him more. I do not need to show everyone that I love my mate. My mate can see that and I know how much I love him. Is the virtue of our love diminishing very year that the 14th of February becomes a sort of renewal date? I believe that the expression of love has become a show-business. It has become a competition; whom can express their love better than whom? And it is a competition that will generate a lot of negativity in society. In certain ways, it can damage relations between people. Women will...
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