Do we have the courage to stop this rhetorical analysis

Topics: United States, Gun politics in the United States, Gun Control Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: October 27, 2014
It is thought to be a human right for citizens to bear arms, but how do we control gun violence? Nicholas D. Kristof’s article “Do We Have the Courage to Stop This?” explains current complications having to do with gun regulations in the United States. Kristof focuses on school shootings and the high percentage in which they occur nationwide. Kristof making it clear that society seems to turn their heads away from the idea of regulating guns. Attempting to persuade his audience, Kristof utilizes a number of rhetorical strategies to effectively capture the audiences attention and persuade them into taking a positive stance on his beliefs. Initially Kristof fails to present sufficient and credible support, which is needed to support his opinion and create an appealing argument. On the one, hand Kristof used rhetorical strategies that allowed the audience to feel connected and understand the issue; one the other hand but he lacked support disallowing a strong and effective argument. Kristof utilizes multiple rhetorical strategies to persuade his audience. Throughout the article he uses words like “we”, “our”, and “you” allowing a personal connection to the audience, reinforcing their attention. An implication of Kristof's treatment of personal connection is when he states, “so what can we do?”. Kristof also addresses issues with “we should”. The use of “we” creates a personalized bond, which is needed to cause a stronger reaction from the reader on the issue being addressed. Kristof implements a range of comparisons throughout his article to make his points clear and easy to understand. For example many times in his article article he compares the regulation of cars to the regulation of guns; this comparison allows the audience to put the issue into perspective at ease. By comparing a car, an important resource in a person's everyday life, to an unfamiliar resource helps create a clear explanation. Towards the end of the article he reaches out to the audience by...
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