Do We Have Duties to Others?

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Do We Have Duties to Others?
I saw an article from the news a few days ago; it says an old woman slipped down on the street in china, most of the people wouldn’t help, and others of them tried to get so close but still wouldn’t lend any help. Therefore the old lady was lying there for over 20 minutes in the cold and wet street and waiting for someone “brave enough” to get her to the hospital, only because they all worried about been getting blamed and take the responsibility of all the money for hospital which can be seen as defraud. So I start to wonder “do we have duties to others”. Some people maintain that we have no duties to others’, we should always care about ourselves above all, or they believe “help” is something they will do only by duties such as clean the floor or even teach a lesson. But other people have opposite opinion that they believe they do have duties to help others, especially when people need help, because we are been helped all the time. Personally, I believe we should help others if we have the ability and we have responsibility to spread the goodness to others. The reason why I think we have duties to other people is because we are human and we have wisdom. That is essentially different between us and the animals. We have ration and we don't do thing by only following our nature like the animal does. We can determine what is right and what is wrong. When we were born, we all were small animals, we do think by nature, we cry when we hungry, we smile when we happy, we don't think of anything else, we just followed our nature. While we glow up, we start to have wisdom, we start to thinking, we start to have ability to determine wrongs and rights, sometime we start make right decisions or do the right thing that we might don't want to. That makes us become human. If we following the nature and always do the things I want to do, than we will not out our civilization today. How people treat you is depends how you treat them. Imagine when...
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