Do the Right Thing (Film)

Topics: Thing, Waste container, Let Go Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: December 3, 2012
While watching the film, ’Do The Right Thing’ I felt a whole bunch of different emotions. In the beginning of the film I was kind of just adjusting getting used to what was going on, and trying to pay close attention to everything to get every side of the story of every character. In the ending of the movie is when I really started to feel strongly about some things more so than I did in the beginning. I was very shocked when Mookie threw the trash can through Sal’s window. I honestly thought he was going to move it in front of the store by Sal and his sons and stand on top of it to get everyone’s attention or bang the lid to get the communities attention to let them know what really happened before the cops showed up. I was also surprised that Sal actually paid him the next day and that Mookie actually took it gave the extra money back and said he would give him change. Yet he didn’t offer to help fix anything or apologize. If I was Sal I would have been so angry, but at the same time he really has nothing left that pizzeria was all he had, and that is really what made me mad how Mookie could just go from being there helping earning their trust to just flat out ruining what he had going for him what Sal and his family was nice enough to offer to him and just throw it away like nothing because he was to angry his friend died when in reality it wasn’t Sal’s fault. Sure Sal could have handled the inchoation a little better with the stereo, he should have offered to buy him a new one. But it’s frustrating really because know one can ever explain themselves because the other person that opposes it is to ignorant to open their eyes to see both sides. Like the saying, “Truth can’t cure the blind if they don’t care to see.” I was also very angry at the police officer when he wouldn’t let go I was getting all choked up and defensive. It upset me to see him kick him after he knew that he had killed the young man, and the thing that stings the most is that the police...
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