do the right thing

Topics: Do the Right Thing, Black people, White people Pages: 4 (1416 words) Published: April 3, 2014
Mise en Scene in Do the Right Thing
Movie has been used for years as a way through which people depict issues that happen in the society. On the same note, movie can be used as an entertainment aspect when people want to relax. Nevertheless, while some other movies are well cast and plotted, there are others which do not meet the best criteria. Academically, studying film is very interesting given the opportunity it provides for the students to understand some crucial aspects of film. The movie, do the right thing by Spike Lee focuses on the racial inequalities that existed in the American society. It should be noted that the way various aspects of movie are used helps in depicting the main theme of the movie. Spike Lee uses Mise en scene in ensuring that his message is delivered effectively. Light has very crucial effects in film regarding the way various scenes are depicted in any film. It is important to note here that lights are used by various filmmakers to implement the effects they want on their audience (Sikov 97). In the film do the right thing, lights are used to invoke the atmosphere of sorrow to the audience. In the scene where the youth open fire, the lights are dark and low-key. The revolution of blacks against the white takes place at night. The lights in the scenes where Buggin’ Out confronts Sal about the pictures on the wall through to the point where the fight breaks out are dull (Do the Right Thing). This indicates that the events that are unfolding are not very pleasing.

Lights are used by filmmakers to create aesthetic conditions that are congruent with the themes and modes of the film. It should be noted that lights have the ability of altering the moods of the audience. Dark and low-key lights depict gloomy, quirky or sorrowful moods. On the other hand, bright lights are usually associated with happiness and joyful occasions (Sikov 123). In this regard, contrasting between the bright and low-key tones is very essential in invoking mood...

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Sikov, Ed. Film Studies: An Introduction. New York: Columbia University Press, 2013. Print.
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