Do the Right Thing

Topics: Police, Police brutality, Police officer Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The Cops are not role models because they abuse their authority. Each and everyday authority is abused by those in higher power. Even though we all do it sometimes, it seems as though it is done by police officers the most.

Police officers are supposed to protect us and make sure that our community is safe. We should be able to trust all police but we cannot do that. Even though there are some officers out there that follow the rules and believe in justice, there are more out there that do not. Last year alone there were fifty two criminal civil right cases brought against law enforcement officers by the Department of Justice ( . This makes it clear that police officers are always abusing their authority. From April 2009 to June 2010 there were 5,986 reports of misconduct by police officer made nationwide (

Radio Raheem was killed by The Cops. This was a situation where authority was being abused by The Cops. Even though Radio Raheem was wrong for what he was doing there was no reason why he should have been killed by The Cops, and even The Cops know this. When Radio Raheem was being chocked by Office Long, Officer Ponte was telling him that he had done enough and that he need to let Raheem. This clearly shows that even The Cops know that they abuse the authority that they are abusing their power, and this is an extreme case because Radio Raheem actually died. This situation is fictional because it is from a movie but situations like this happen every day in reality. From all of the reports of misconduct 23.3% of them involved excessive force and from that percentage 13% of those reports lead to fatalities.

The Cops are not role models in any way, shape or form. They are always abusing their power by using excessive force in situations where it is not need at all. The worst part about this is that sometimes, they are not even held...
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