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SPM Tips from a Straight A+ Student
Achieving all A+ is every SPM student’s dream and through every journey of success, there are those ups and downs that you need to endure in order to reach the ultimate goal of that journey. Success is never easy but it is possible if you believe in yourself and work towards it. Here are some tips from a student who endured the same situation as yourself, achieved all A+ and now at a top university in the UK. General reminders of every SPM paper you sit for:

NEVER leave a question blank. Write anything but not nothing. Do your best attempt for each question. Allocate your time properly. Do not spend too much time to produce a perfect essay especially for Sejarah and science essays, you won’t get the points that you might lose if you do not have enough time to complete the other essays. If time allocation is 20 minutes for each essay, that’s it, after 20 minutes, stop whatever you are writing and proceed on the next question. Come back when you have the time. DON’T SLEEP or leave early during the exam!  If you have plenty of time, check, recheck and check again until the end of the paper. Make sure you shade your answers correctly in objective questions. Look through all exercises that you have done before. You should have make notes on the difficult ones before, so take some time to read through them.   Have at least 6 hours of sleep. Stay alert, don’t make careless mistakes. Stay calm, don’t rush or panic.

Make sure you have everything you need (pens, 2B and HB pencils, rubber, ruler, calculator, IC, the piece of paper that you carry into the room, etc.) Check the exam timetable every day!
If you have problems, ask immediately.
Don’t sleep too late, have a balanced and regular diet.
Don’t forget to laugh and smile every day. =) This keeps stress away. Have confidence. Maintain your momentum even if you just have one more paper to go! Pray hard!
BM and BI
I read quite a lot of sample essays. If you get any...
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