Do Student Need to Take Attendence

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In recent years, college classroom attendance becomes a popular topic when students have a chat. Some students said instructors should require attendance, yet there remains some disagreements that instructors don't need to require it. While there are many reasons can support the "don't need to require" way, I personally think the instructors should require classroom attendance. First of all, this requirement can be the way to support the students who attend the class. Despite certain students who really don't want to go to school, instructors require the attendance can let students know they should be in the class, and others don't sit in the classroom will be recorded an absence, and this can influence their finial score. Like what my instructor does, she will write down the attendance and drop the students who absent for five times. This approach can be a good way to show the difference between attending in class and leaving an empty chair in class. In addition, it shows to students that how the instructors support their attendance and punish the absent students. Equally, the attendance record can also stimulate students to come to class. Humans are lazy because of their instincts, so the attendance record can be a rule to force students to attend classes, like orders in the army to combine the group. For instance, when high students once hear the bell is ringing, wherever they are in the school, they will run back in classroom immediately because they know they will be punished if they are late. Therefore, the attendance record can also be the "bell" to remind college students that it is time to have a class. By way of conclusion, I once again reaffirm that I agree instructors should require attendance because it can support the attended students and stimulate the students to come to classes.
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